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In order to give the opportunity to all students who wish to offer the result of their work, we organize concerts in various venues, at the meeting venue and other points of the city. Students and teachers enrich the cultural life of Cieza during these days.

X International Competition

'Solistas del Encuentro'

  1. The competition is open to all active students of the masterclass, with no age limit.
  2. It will take place on August 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the Maestro Gómez Villa Professional Conservatory of Music (C / Cadenas n ° 6, Cieza, Murcia).
  3. The competition will consist of the performance of an compulsory work with accompaniment of piano and another work of free choice (of different style to the concerto) for solo instrument without piano of maximum 10 minutes (with accompaniment for singers).

Baroque Dance

workshop for musicians

Eva Narejos

The  course aims  to develop an understanding, by means of practical experimentation, of the inner workings of baroque dances and their connection with the instrumental suites.

The following subjects will be covered :

1. The instrumental baroque site: character, tempo and structure of the dances.

2. Doctrine of the affections: The representation of emotions through music.

3. Recognition and appreciation of musical elements through movement.



  • French Bellle Danse  from XVIII century.
  • Repertory from historical manuals: Folies d’Espange, Sarabande, Menuet.
  • Feuillet-Beauchamp notation, the system of dance notation used in baroque dance.
  • All differents baroque dances, with special attention on listening and understanding the baroque style.


Eva Narejos. She graduated in Dance, Pedagogy and Musicology.

As a dancer she has performed with several Baroque Dance companies such as “Esquivel danza&música”, “Erreguelak”, “Barroc-Ballet”, and serveral early group ensembles such as Lyra Hispana, Ensemble Diatessaron, La Tropa Barroca de Madrid, El Arte Músico, Vespres d´Arnadí, El Arte Mvsico, Capella de Ministrers, Ensemble Diatessaron, etc.

She has performed in several Musical Festivals such as Choir Festival of San Petersburgo, Les Concerts de Saint_Germain (Ville d´Orly), Saint Jean-de-Luz, “Quincena Musical de San Sebastián”, Semana de Música Antigua de Estella, Festival de Música Antigua de Pirineos and Gijón, MUSIKASTE in Rentería…

Eva Narejos is also piano accopanist and vocal coach at the Conservatorio de Música Oscar Esplá in Alicante.

Alexander Technique workshop

Geraldine Naus

The Alexander Technique allows a deep awarness of the use of ourselves in the daily life, and while playing an instrument or singing. What's happening in my thoughts and in my body when I'm organising myself to play/sing? It is about learning to stop in order to allow new habit to happen (habit of reacting to a situation, habit of technical gesture, ...)

With an emphasis on the support that the earth offer to us, and on the delicate balance between the head, the neck and the torso, the Alexander Technique allows a better knowledge of ourselves, a bigger quality of presence and more confidence, more freedom in movements and in artistic technique.


Géraldine Naus, the Singing teacher of our 'Encuentro', wants to share with all of us her training and expertise in the work of the Alexander Technique, which she integrates into her musical experience.

Yoga workshop

Cecilia Peñalver Marín

Yoga is proven to strength and improve the physical and mental wellbeing, it is giving us the possibility to experience the consciousness and it is connecting us with the full potential of our creative energy.

During musical activity, technical skills and accuracy, reasoning, creativity, intuition and emotional expression come into play. The musician is not a separate entity from her/his instrument, she/he “is” the instrument. Then, all that happens in her/his body, mind and spirit is translated in the music she/he is playing.

The professional musician is experiencing a demanding daily training which requires a lot of work and effort, and he has to deal with moments of stress and high demand during stage practice.

Taking this into account, to get the best out of it, it is very important for the musician to keep a healthy, strong and flexible body; a focused, balanced and lucid mind and a connected and free spirit.

The practice of meditation exercises and/or breathing techniques before a concert helps reduce anxiety and improve the performance.


Teacher trained in Hatha Yoga, Yoga Kundalini, Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Fitness, Pilates and in Advanced Therapeutic Yoga.

20 years experience gained in various centres in Murcia.

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